Why Fat Freezing may be Right for You

  • It's Safer

    The procedure for freezing fat away is non-invasive, that is, no surgery, no anesthesia, and no incisions. You will have no recovery time and no worries about open wounds getting infected. Temporary bruising and slight numbness are the most common side effects.

  • It's Cheaper

    Fat freezing is much more affordable than liposuction and other body contouring procedures. A treatment session for one body area usually takes only about one hour, with no hospital visit required.

  • It's Natural

    The process of freezing fat away involves dramatically cooling targeted fat cells until they die. The body then removes the dead cells through a natural process, providing you with sleek, attractive body contours you’ll notice within approximately ten weeks.

Anyone interested in losing excess fat have multiple fat removal procedures available to them. The one more and more people are turning to involves freezing fat away from targeted body areas. Since this procedure is safer and cost effective, it should be considered an option before other invasive procedures.